Thursday, February 2, 2017

Historical Sew Monthly 2017 - A White Linen Collar

On a total whim a few days ago, I decided I wanted to participate in the 2017 Historical Sew Monthly.

Since it's already February, that means I am already behind in posting, but I am going to jump in with the January challenge anyway since I sewed it in January (that counts, right?)

January's challenge was Firsts & LastsCreate either the first item in a new ensemble, or one last piece to put the final fillip on an outfit.

I suppose technically I could use the whole new dress I made for this challenge, but I'd rather focus on just the collar.

Basted-in white collars are so, so common for 1870s and 80s, but up to now I have generally skipped them. When I was making the Plain and Sensible Dress I knew I need a few little details to keep it from being a complete snoozefest. And a collar certainly puts that finishing touch on a bodice for a very period look.

I used a collar from the Truly Victorian collars and cuffs pattern, but modified it slightly to make the points less deep, and to make it fit my dress's neckline more exactly. The fabric is hanky linen leftover from a shift.

Best part: rip it out and wash it!

I want collars for all my dresses now!

The Challenge: Firsts & Lasts – Create either the first item in a new ensemble, or one last piece to put the final fillip on an outfit.

Material: Handkerchief weight linen/cotton blend

Pattern: Truly Victorian 104

Year: 1870s

Notions: Thread

How historically accurate is it? It has the correct look, patterning, and materials, but I haven't examined originals so I am unsure about the construction.

Hours to complete: About 30 minutes

First worn: Little House Party outing, January 20, 2017

Total cost: Literally pennies


  1. Looks great! It's amazing how such a small item really adds to the authenticity of the look.

    1. Thanks! The details can really make or break your look, can't they?