Monday, February 6, 2017

Embroidered Chambray Skirt

I made this skirt for a display for work. It was a case of instantly falling in love with the fabric and needing to have it, NOW. It's cotton chambray with floral embroidery.

Making a garment as a display for work means I have to use a pattern, and a currently available pattern at that, so people can replicate the display if they want to. I chose McCall's 7439 (view D). It's a very basic gathered skirt pattern with a few options.

To avoid cutting up a lot of the embroidery, I eliminated the center back seam by cutting it on a fold instead, then moved the zipper to the left side seam. Instead of using the belt included in the pattern, I made a sash from coordinating shot cotton from the stash.

There were also huge patch pockets in the pattern. I cut them out, made them smaller, got them ready to sew. . . and then changed my mind. I might go back and add them later, I'm not sure.

I am still unsure about the length. It seems a little bit awkward to me; not quite long enough, not quite short enough. It's possible a petticoat underneath would improve the look.

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