Friday, January 27, 2017

A Little House Weekend: Day Three

On the Sunday of our Little House themed costume weekend, we took a short road trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthplace in Pepin, Wisconsin, about 90 minutes south of the Twin Cities.

First up when we arrived in town was lunch! Winter is the off-season so a lot of restaurants and shops were closed, but the Pickle Barrel was open. Cheese curds, beer, and beer-cheese soup were consumed, among other things.

After lunch we walked outside a little.

There is a little spit of land surrounding a little harbor for boats. My daughter wanted to run ahead.

Her dolly came along.

Lovely ladies enjoying the view!

I channeled my inner Laura Ingalls and picked up smooth, pretty pebbles.

Then we piled back in the car to go see the little log house, about 8 miles outside of town.

The house is a reproduction on the original site; the original cabin fell apart many years ago.

F wanted a chore to do.

Here we all are!

Playing Victorian Spy!

I loved Sabrina's big red shawl and her dress from 1867 - the year Laura Ingalls was born!

Well, then it was another long drive back to the city. I dropped our friends off and headed home. We were so tired!

The next day was Monday, and we went out for just a little more fun, but not in costume. I took the gals to Treadle for some shopping, then we walked down Grand Ave. for cake, then back home along Summit Ave. to admire all the big fancy houses. It was a nice, mellow way to end the weekend, before Rebecca and Sabrina had to get to the airport and all my local friends had to get back to their normal lives.

Our Little House Weekend, so long in coming, is over! But there are definitely going to be more costume adventures ahead, including an ice skating, house party, and formal ball weekend next winter!

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  1. boy all your write ups have been so fun to read! It looks like a wonderful weekend!!! Wish I was local and could crash the next one :-)