Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Welcome to That's Sew Minnesota! Here's a bit about me.

Hi there!
I've been sewing historic reproduction clothing since my teens, with varying levels of success, and I've been blogging about it on livejournal since 2006. I started this blog as a more public place for sharing finished projects and all kinds of sewing stuff. I'll be adding past projects as I get to them and new stuff as I make it.

I try to make my projects as historically accurate as possible, by using materials, techniques, and silhouettes that would have been used in a given historic era. Accuracy is a journey, and I am always learning something more to make my reproductions more authentic.

I love to sew modern clothes too, and I dabble in quilting, knitting, and crafts. I also sew for my amazing husband and daughter.

I also teach sewing classes, work, and blog for Minnesota's most amazing fabric store and sewing spot, Treadle Yard Goods. Obvious disclaimer: What I write here at That's Sew MN is purely my own opinion, not that of Treadle.

About the name. Yup, that's really the cleverest I could come up with. I sew, and I'm from Minnesota. Oh, and I love puns!

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